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Ceramic Food Bowls

These stylish ceramic food bowls are beautiful! Very versatile - almost anything from main power to dessert. Our elegant bowls showcase the artistry of Chinese ceramics. This large bowl is crafted in a variety of styles.
Made with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and two ignitions for increased durability. These classic ceramic food bowls will add a sense of style to any kitchen. Used in cereals, ice cream, soups, etc. Each piece is crafted and hand-painted by artisans. Enhance any meal with these beautifully colored ceramic food bowls! It can be used as a lovely and unique wedding gift.
BORUI CERAMIC is one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of ceramic food bowls in China. We offer the best quality custom made ceramic food bowls with competitive price and wholesale service. Welcome to check price with us.
1. Easy to clean and keep clean: The glaze of ceramic bowls is usually brighter and more delicate. It is easier to clean if there are stains on the bowl.
2. Good stability, slow heat transfer: no bursting when hot and cold, more excellent than those of glass, and its poor performance, slow heat transfer, so it is used to hold those hot When things are not easy to burn.
3. It is chemically stable and durable: it has a certain acid and alkali resistance, it is not easy to be attacked by carbonic acid in the air, and there is no old phenomenon of rust.