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Ceramic Travel Mug

The important feature of the ceramic travel mug is its light weight and good thermal insulation. Borui ceramics uses kaolin clay to fire ceramics, which has low water absorption and good heat preservation. And our silicone case and food grade silicone cover make the ceramic travel mug more suitable for travel.
Enjoy the comfort of a ceramic travel mug anytime, anywhere at home! The double-layer ceramic structure keeps your drink warm and the outside is comfortable. This cup fits most car cup holders and looks very stylish. This ceramic travel mug provides a cool cushion for the best drinking experience. The bottom of the cup has a non-slip base that can be stabilized on multiple surfaces.
With these reusable ceramic travel mugs, you can carry coffee, tea, hot or cold drinks with you to save money and help improve the environment. Make coffee at home or in the office, reducing the reliance on throwing away containers and cups.
Traditional ceramic travel mugs are wrapped inside with silicon to help keep heat for hours. The splash-proof cover, ceramic body and stainless steel package keep the beverage warm or cold. The bottom cushion prevents most surfaces from being scratched and damaged. Top shelf dishwasher safety cover, hand washing body.
BORUI CERAMIC is one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of ceramic travel mug in China. We offer the best quality custom made ceramic travel mug with competitive price and wholesale service. Welcome to check price with us.
1. Traditional ceramic material is wrapped in silicone inside to help retain heat.
2. Splash cover, ceramic body and stainless steel package keep the drink warm or cold.
3. The bottom cushion prevents scratches and damage to the surface.
Suitable for families, offices, gyms, schools, beaches, or gifts for any coffee or tea drinking commuters!