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Personalised Ceramic Travel Mug

I believe that you already have chosen the colors of the silicon belt that you like. Now, let’s to decide the logo and other designs you prefer to print on the ceramic travel mugs. The area for decal printing on the ceramic travel mugs is about 3.5cm at top part of the ceramic travel mug. You...

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    -It will be a good solution  to  have a break and enjoy a cup of drink, it could be coffee, juice, tea, or even just one cup of hot water when you feel little tired and  sleepy. 

    -A perfect eco-friendly and responsible way to enjoy your tea,coffee,hot chocolate  on the go.

    -A stylish gift featuring all the practicalities you can expect.

    -A double wall of porcelain which traps the air for insulation, keeping your drinks hot on the inside and your hands cool on the outside.

    -With the rubber sleeve, it can greatly keep it warm owing to its high thermal insulation and leakproofness.Therefore, you can directly hold it at hands with a cup of hot cocoa.

    -Not only is this charming gift dishwasher and microwave safe, the thermos is reusable and eco-friendly.

    -Extreme handy that you can carry it anywhere as you like.

    -Made of food grade material, it is safe that you can rest assured to use.

    -And it is quick and easy to clean with the long life span.

    -Personalized design is based on your ideas, no matter the size, the shape or the pattern.Typical ceramic travel mugs range in volume from 150 ml to 300 ml, and some custom-made beer mugs exceed 500 ml.The surface of the mug can be designed as an animal, a plant, a star or many individual ideas. You could also print your logo on the bottom of the ceramic travel mug.

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