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Ceramic Pot

The ceramic pot adopts the advanced technology of combining enamel and painting. The ceramic pot is made of high-quality ceramic, and the outside of the pot is made of a combination of carving and painting techniques. BORUI CERAMIC is one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of ceramic pot in China. We offer the best quality custom made ceramic pot with competitive price and wholesale service. Welcome to check price with us.
1. Resistance to temperature difference, strong and durable: cast by ceramic material that is not afraid of hot and cold temperature difference, can be directly into the oven, gas stove, microwave oven through the refrigerator without deformation, cracking or breaking, and will not lose glaze and lose gloss. The inner wall of the ceramic pot has a smoother appearance and does not leave any odor. It also rejects the shortcomings of traditional casseroles, ceramic pots that are easy to adhere to stains and burnt black.
2. The heat collecting function is strong, and the nutrition and energy saving: the super heat-resistant material selected for the ceramic pot has strong heat collecting property, good heat preservation, and can maintain a high heat state with minimum fire power. Therefore, the food material in the soup ceramic pot is easy to be cooked. Moreover, since the cooking time is relatively shortened, energy conservation is more environmentally friendly. In particular, the transparent appearance of the glass ceramic pot makes it easier for the housewife to observe the cooking time of the ingredients, so that it can be adjusted at any time, effectively reducing the loss of nutrients caused by the long cooking time of the food.
3. Not easy to aging, non-stick pan, no fumes: ceramic pots are not easy to absorb food odors and stains, from cooking to the end of the table, non-absorbent materials make the ceramic pot not easy to age.
1. It is forbidden to dry the pan for a long time, so as not to affect the service life of the product.
2. Frequently clean the parts that do not touch the food, such as the handle, the outer surface of the pot, etc., to avoid dirt.
3. Clean the pot after each use, dry the pot after washing, and keep the pot dry.
4. The ceramic pot itself will not turn yellow or black, but if the heat is too high or the outer wall of the pot sticks.
5. There are oil stains or seasonings, heating may turn yellow and black, please use detergent to clean.
6. After cleaning the ceramic pot, the residual moisture on the surface must be dried and then placed in a dry place.