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Porcelain Commonly Used Pattern Implication
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Animal pattern in the dragon and phoenix pattern is a very common decoration theme. Dragon is the ancient legend of the animals, the legend that it can turn the sea, puff, clouds, is the supernatural powers. The dragon is a symbol of the gods, authority and honor, the ancients compared the emperor to the dragon, that the emperor is the embodiment of the dragon, so since ancient times there is a real dragon said. And now we also the dragon as a symbol of our Chinese nation, we are the descendants of the dragon. Generally in the porcelain of the dragon ornaments are also official kiln and kiln, although not absolute, but also "official kiln dragon claw, civil kiln three claws or four claws" one said. Phoenix was found in the "Book of Songs", the original "Feng Huang", Phoenix and the dragon, in the legend is a very magical animal, with the ancient auspicious animals. "Destiny mysterious birds, down and health business", that mysterious bird is a business totem, in ancient times, phoenix is the representative of bird totem

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